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Hope Over Heroin is a collaborative ministry led by Pastors in Ohio and Kentucky who came together to connect the Body of Christ in order to Break the chains of the Addicted!  In 2014, Our Pastoral Team became heartbroken witnessing the losses from addiction like never experienced before.  That realization led to mobilizing prayer warriors and compassion evangelism in the streets, specifically in areas that were most impacted and ravaged from the epidemic of Heroin, Opiates and Drug Related issues.  The natural outflow of bringing the Holy Spirit to those that needed Him most, began the planning of the first of many Hope Over Heroin events across the country!


Hope Over Heroin unites Churches and cities to pray together. We begin active street evangelism in areas most impacted, raising real Kingdom awareness to collective addiction problems that surround us. Our heart is connecting people to practical redemptive ministries by providing an outreach bridge for a dying generation and bringing it Hope. Hope Over Heroin is much more than a weekend outreach. We unite regional faith-based, non-faith based, addiction recovery and grief resources at one place, most often for the first time, and connect those hurting the most with long term support and resources.